Recent Honors and Awards 

2020, Top paper in Interpersonal Communication at International Communication Association conference: Prahl, A., & Van Swol, L. M. Out with the humans, in with the machines?: Investigating the behavioral and psychological effects of replacing human advisors with a machine.

2020, Top paper in Communication Science and Biology at International Communication Association conference: Ahn, P. H., Xin, Z., Van Swol, L. M., Cascio, C., Minich, M. Reasoning mode and creative performance using fNIRS.

2019: Mike XenosElected Fellow, International Communication Association. 2019

2019, Top three paper in Group communication at National Communication Association annual conference: Van Swol, L. M., Ahn, A., & Prahl, A. Language use in group discourse and its relationship to group processes

2019, Small Group Research award for best published article for Van Swol, L. M., & Kane, A. (2019). Language and group processes: An integrative, interdisciplinary review. Small Group Research, 50, 3-38.

Mike Xenos: Outstanding Article Award for Best Article in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly in 2018. For “Is Facebook making us dumber? Exploring social media use as a predictor of knowledge.” (with co-authors Michael Cacciatore, Sara Yeo, Dietram Scheufele, Dominique Brossard, and Elizabeth Corley).

2018, Dennis Gouran research award for best published article in Group communication, National Communication Association: Van Swol, L. M., & Carlson, C. Language use and influence among minority, majority, and homogeneous group members. Communication Research.

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