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 Educational TV Project: Improving Learning from Stories and Songs

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The Communication Arts Children & Media Lab is looking for 3- to 5-year-olds to participate in a short study! We’re studying how children learn from songs.

Compensation: $10 per child

Who? Any child fluent enough in English to understand songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood can participate!

What’s involved? This is just a one-time 15- to 20-minute session per child.  Children watch two short song videos and answer questions. Parents fill out a 1-page background information sheetDetails are given on the consent form.  You don’t need to print these out ahead of time – we’ll have hard copies for you.

Where?  Communication Arts Research Center, 821 University Ave (Vilas Hall, 6th floor).   To find us, enter the building on the corner of Park Street and University Ave. You’ll go up a ramp and through some big glass doors, where we’ll be waiting for you! To see a map and directions (including parking options), click here.  

We will pay for parking. Two convenient options are underneath Grainger (entrance at 325 N. Brooks St)  or the Lucky building (entrance on N. Lake St).

When?  We are flexible about timing, and have slots on weekday mornings and afternoons, as well as on Saturdays. See our sign-up slots for our availabilities. If you sign up for a time, you will get a reminder email in advance of your scheduled appointment to confirm your visit.

To contact us with questions, please email Professor Louise Mares at, or call at 608 263-2350.

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